Marinette County Snowmobile Trails
Marinette County Snowmobile Trails

Marinette County has over 600 miles of snowmobile trails for you to explore. The trails are scenic, wide, well-groomed, and clearly marked. The trail system opens  [ski 1] anytime after Dec. 15th each year depending on the snow conditions.

While you may never travel ALL of Wisconsin's 25,000 miles of scenic, interconnected snowmobile trails, you may be tempted to try! In Marinette County, we have hundreds of miles of trails of our own, all tied into the statewide system. Many of them will take you right to the doorstep of your resort or lodging accommodations.

Snowmobiling gets more popular every year in our area, as visitors discover this area's vast interconnected network of well-cared-for trails.

Marinette County is blessed with a whole army of volunteers organized in clubs which maintain hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails everywhere in the county. There are 7 distinct trail systems these clubs work to provide...and thanks to them...we can ALL enjoy the ride!

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