Trail Conditions
MARINETTE COUNTY TRAIL REPORT - March 3/19/19 & 3/20/2019 
RIVER ROAD RIDERS: Trails are open, but in poor condition. We are not grooming. Lots of water and slush on/ the trails. Can you ride? Yes, but it is not recommended.
DUN-GOOD RIDERS: Trails are open. We are not grooming at this time. Trails are soft, wet and icy. Snowmobiles can ride with caution. There are good areas mixed with poor/very poor areas. Roads are bare. Technically the trails are open for atv's/utv's, however, we are asking those riders to voluntarily refrain from using the trails at this time.
KUMALONG: Trails closed for the seasonThanks to all the land owners, to Mother Nature and the club members for a great season!
PEMENEE RIVER RIDERS: Trails are open but in poor condition. Ice covered in spots also wet and slushy in other places. Some good areas but trail conditions are deteriorating. The road limits are on so we are not able to groom.  
NEAR NORTH: The groomers are no longer going out. The sun is getting higher in the sky which means more melting of snow and leaving big water puddles and bare spots. Swamps may be thawing out as well. Trails are open, but riders are to ride at their own risk. Looks like this may be the last trail report for this winter season. And the first day of Spring is tomorrow.
RANGER CITY RIDERS: Ranger City Riders (snowmobile only) - Our trails are open but in late season poor condition. Due to the warmer temps, the trails have diminished each day. There are icy spots, swamps are starting to thaw so if you are going to attempt to ride please use caution and riding is not recommend. We are no longer grooming. Remember RCR clubhouse parking lot is a designated park and ride. PLEASE NOTE LOGGING OPERATIONS: Our East Trail between Squaw Creek Road and Forest Road 404 is currently being logged. The trail does not have snow cover in the logging areas.
IRON SNOW SHOE: All our trails are open however we are not grooming at this time, conditions are OK to poor. We ask that atv's and utv's refrain from riding at this time due to the soft conditions.