Trail Conditions
Iron Snow Shoe Marinette County Tourism
Trail Conditions: Excellent  Snow Cover: 24 inches +
Area Report:
Trails are still in excellent shape.  All three groomers have been out either last night or this morning.  Reports back are great. There is some warm weather and more rain predicted, so I will update you before the weekend to see how we fair this next weather interruption. In the meantime, I’m going for a ride.  Hoping to see you out there.  
We are all still looking for the bunny in the box!  The area is narrowed down, but the deep snow is hindering anyone finding it.  Get out there…you could be the one to find it!  This box is worth lots of $$$$$$’s
RANGER CITY RIDERS:  (snowmobile only) - Our trails are in excellent condition as of today. With the midweek warm up and chance of rain it can change fast we will continue to update our Facebook page on trail conditions taking each day by itself. Our system was groomed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday but groomers won’t be back out until we see what the midweek weather brings. Please use caution when crossing intersections as banks are high and hard for you to see around or other traffic to see you and stay on groomed trail as it’s deep off trail.  Remember RCR clubhouse parking lot is a designated park and ride. As always please enjoy and ride safe. PLEASE NOTE LOGGING OPERATIONS: Our East Trail between Squaw Creek Road and Forest Road 404 is currently being logged. The trail does not have snow cover in some sections and in fair riding conditions through logging area use caution.
DUN-GOOD RIDERS: Trails are open and groomed and in excellent condition, for now...Word of caution: predicted to be 50 degrees on Thursday and  above freezing for the reminder of the UPCOMING week end. We will update the report as conditions change.
PEMENEE RIVER RIDERS: Trails are in great condition. They are being groomed this week. Watch for ice spots in some areas. Watch for updates later in the week as we are expecting some rain Wednesday/Thursday. 
NEAR NORTH TRAIL RIDERS OF ATHELSTANE: The Near North Trails continue to be groomed on a regular basis with excellent riding conditions. With the coming warm days and the rain that is predicted, hopefully the trails will hold up and of course that sun is getting higher in the sky. I will do an update later in the week if things change, ATV's & UTV's allowed on some of the trails watch for signs.
RIVER ROAD RIDERS: Trails are in very good condition. Grooming continues.
KUMALONG SNO-RIDERS: No updated report at this time.  We will post Kumalong's conditions when they are available.