Trail Conditions

NEAR NORTH TRAIL RIDERS OF ATHELSTANE: Snowmobile & ATV/UTV Trails located in Athelstane and Silver Cliff areas. Near North Trails are now being groomed on a weekly basis with very good riding conditions. The Near North Trails have all been groomed as of Sunday afternoon. This last snowfall was really welcome as we received about 6-8 inches of new snow and now the trails are in very good riding condition. Rider's are still to be cautious of swampy areas. Our East trail is now groomed to the Amberg Swamp. The Amberg swamp and the Athelstane swamp will not be groomed due to standing water. ATV & UTV trails open year round.
DUN-GOOD RIDERS Snowmobile & ATV/UTV Trails in the Dunbar & Goodman areas of Northwestern Marinette County.
Dun-Good trials are OPEN, GROOMED & in EXCELLENT conditionTrails are open and being groomed regularly. Trails are in excellent condition.
NOTE!!! Riding atv's & utv's on HWY 8 is illegal! The trail that connects to Armstrong Creek is NOT accessible for atv/utv use because the trail is on highway right of way.

PEMENEE RIVER RIDERS: Snowmobile-ATV-UTV trails (North Eastern area of Marinette County, Pembine-Beecher areas) Trails are open, groomed and in very good condition. We got about 10 inches of fresh snow over the weekend. All of the Pemenee River Rider trails are open and being groomed. All trails will be groomed this week. Great riding conditions!
IRON SNOW SHOE---Snowmobile & ATV/UTV Trails west of CRIVITZ in the Twin Bridge, Crooked Lake, Silver Cliff and Thunder Mountain areas.
All of our trails are open and in great condition. Best conditions of the season so far.  The groomers will be out on a regular basis.  We received about 8" of new snow last weekend and more snow predicted for the end of the week.  Come enjoy our trails.  Ride safe. 

 RANGER CITY RIDERS---Snowmobile Only trails in the Amberg-Beecher-Wausaukee areas.
Ranger City Riders (Snowmobile Only)  RCR Trail System is partially open with good riding conditions. The sections that are open have been and continue to be groomed and are great. OPEN - Highway Trail, West Trail, Hazelnut Trail, North Trail (our trail is closed between Black Sam RD and Westberg RD due to a major trail repair. Please note!! DETOUR down Black Sam Rd to Westberg and back at trail head. Detour is marked). Closed- East Trail (trail remains closed and close to opening hopefully in the next 2 weeks). Please be alert and ride safe! 
KUMALONG SNO-RIDERS---Snowmobile ONLY Trails in the Coleman-Pound-Crivitz areas. Kumalong's trails remain partly open. Kumalong's trails are open. Some low areas are wet use caution. Groomer is out and will not be able to get through low areas. Farmers trail has several low areas drive safe

RIVER ROAD RIDERS Snowmobile Only Trails that cover Crivitz, Porterfield, Wausaukee, east to Marinette and south to Peshtigo. Trails are open from Highway 64 north. CAUTION!! Early season trail conditions exist. Expect trees down, open creeks/swamps and standing corn. Poor ice conditions. Ice crossings are not recommended. Be prepared for obstacles and re-routes. Trail work and grooming are ongoing. Watch website for updates.