Marinette Count Paddlebaording


A bead of sweat is rolling down your cheek. Your finger is on the trigger as you scan the surrounding terrain. Your eyes focus on a grove of trees.

Was that movement? 

pballNow is the time to make your move. Do you sprint ahead for the ambush or wait silently for your opponent to make the first move. The success of your team depends on you making the right split second decision.

Paintball is a game of action and strategy. Teamwork and steady nerves are key components to success in this challenging game. Players fire at the opposing team with paint balls in a pursuit to outmaneuver and conquer the other team. Our field referee will give instruction on rules and safety for the games played on our custom field. Your half day of will include games such as The Battle of Bull Run, El Presidente, Death by Splatter, and Speedball.

Paintball is an action game in which players on one team seek to eliminate those on an opposing team by marking them with water-soluble dye, shot in capsules from air guns. Safety equipment includes a face mask with goggles, and chest protector.

are held in our wooded and sloping terrain field, with bunkers and obstacles placed within the field area. Paintball is appropriate for people of all skill levels.