Marinette County Kayaking Canoeing Tubing
Marinette County Kayaking Canoeing Tubing
Marinette County Canoeing, Tubing, Kayaking
Marinette County Canoeing, Kayaking, Tubing
Marinette County Canoeing, Tubing, Kayaking
Marinette County Canoeing, Tubing, Kayaking
Marinette County Canoeing, Tubing, Kayaking

Kayaking, Canoeing, & Tubing

River Float Trips

The River Float Trips are fast becoming a favorite past time of all ages. However, you don't have to wait for an organized trip to do your own river float trip. Simply choose a river, find a boat landing for a beginning point and another for an end location, grab a flotation device and go! (Two vehicles are usually needed to do these trip on your own).

Both the Peshtigo and Menominee River's offer excellent stretches of mildly flowing waters that make your float trip both enjoyable and very relaxing. This is an excellent way to relieve the stresses of a long week.

Main river routes for the float trips include Wausaukee to Bear Point (approximately 4hrs), Crivitz to Hwy 141 South of Crivitz, (approximately 3hrs) and Hwy W to Hwy 64 (approximately 4hrs). Keep in mind that the float times are approximate due to river current.

You can float in whatever makes you comfortable. Many use conventional inner-tubes or rafts, but others have used inflatable swimming pools, air beds, inflatable chairs, inflatable boats, paddle boats, and yes, canoes and kayaks. It is ideal to bring an extra floatation device for a cooler so you can bring refreshments for your trip.

A great activity for the entire family. It is law that all minors wear life jackets while on the river.

River Float Trails

  • The Peshtigo River Trail

    Kayaking or canoeing in the Peshtigo River Trail on the lower Peshtigo River is a great way to spend a day enjoying nature. Passing hemlock stands, hardwood floodplains and marshes, you have the opportunity to view wildlife and stop at historical points along the way. You can pick up a water trail map brochure at the Marinette Menominee Area Chamber of Commerce, 601 Marinette Ave., Marinette, WI 54143.

  • The Peshtigo River State Forest

    Home to Caldron Falls, High Falls and Johnson Falls Flowages, the Peshtigo River State Forest has forested uplands and granite rock outcroppings that surround the waters. The forest also includes a small section of river near Peshtigo and a reservoir called Potato Rapids. Offering 3200-acres of scenic boating opportunities with access to the islands and backwaters of the Peshtigo River Flowages, there are 16 boat landings open for several types of boating. Great for all ages, you will learn basic boat handling skills and be able to explore the natural shoreline and tranquil inlets, viewing wildlife and scenic beauty along the way. Canoe camping can be found on Johnson Falls Flowage and the free flowing Peshtigo River. There are 10 designated canoe campsites. Three sites are located on Johnson Falls where canoeists can launch at Boat Landing #14. Seven sites are located on the Peshtigo River between Johnson Falls Dam and Spring Rapids. Various launches are located downstream from the dam. Yellow signs visible from the water designate where the sites are located. Sites are accessible by watercraft only and offer a tent pad and fire ring. A privy is nearby. There is no potable water available at the sites.

  • Governor Thompson State Park

    The Park includes two inland lakes (both non-motorized) and is located on Caldron Falls Flowage. The park is in the development process and construction is ongoing. Woods Lake now has a picnic area, rest rooms and a shelter pavilion. The South Bay Boat Landing (#13) includes a new parking area, two concrete boat ramps, boarding dock, rest rooms and a fishing pier.

  • Lower Peshtigo River

    If lazy river tubing is your style, the Peshtigo River Campground (south of Crivitz) offers canoe and tube rentals. Delivering you to the drop location, you can spend your day floating at your own pace along a gentler portion of the mighty Peshtigo River.

  • Upper Peshtigo River

    For the more daring kayak enthusiast, the upper Peshtigo River offers exciting white water adventures. In the spring and early summer, melting snow and rainstorms swell the river's flow enough to thrill even the most hard core adrenaline seekers. Reaching class IV and V, the upper Peshtigo River will challenge even the most experienced kayaker.

  • Johnson & Sandstone Flowage

    East of the Peshtigo River State Forest are the Johnson and Sandstone Flowages. This area has swift currents but isn't as challenging as the "Roaring Rapids" section of the Peshtigo River.

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Kayaking, Canoeing & Tubing

  • Wildman Adventure Resort - Whitewater Kayaking

    Wildman Adventure Resort - Whitewater Kayaking

    Rafting in inflatable whitewater kayaks on the active Peshtigo River. We offer both regular whitewater rafting and whitewater kayaking on the Peshtigo River. Peshtigo River Outpost N12080 Allison Lane Athelstane, WI 54104 Phone: (715)-757-2938

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  • Wildman Adventure Resort - Tubing

    Wildman Adventure Resort - Tubing

    Enjoy a tubing trip down the Menominee River with Wildman Adventure Resort. You paddle with the help of the current and coast down the beautiful scenic Menominee River . The trip finishes back at the Wildman Adventure Resort Niagara property.Peshtigo River OutpostN12080 Allison LaneAthelstane, WI 54104 Phone: (715)-757-2938

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