Birding & Wildlife of Marinette County

Birding and Wildlife

Marinette County has been called Wisconsin's "best kept secret". This statement could not be more true. With thousands of acres of forest and miles of inland rivers, streams and lakes, Marinette County has an abundance of wildlife.


Bird watching is fast becoming a very popular pastime for Marinette County residents. The Chappee Rapids Audubon Society,, has designed a check list so complete with key observation areas so you know where the best locations are to find the birds and mark the birds you see when you visit Marinette County.

Along the marsh and wetland areas, you can expect to find swans, geese, ducks, shorebirds, herons, cranes, gulls and bald eagles. During winter, you may see a snowy owl, shrikes, redpolls or rough-legged hawks, while spring may bring migrating passerines. Inland, you just might see woodpeckers, cardinals, indigo bunting, blue jays and many more striking colored beauties.

Viewing nature can be done while sitting on your front porch in many areas of the county. From deer and turkey, which are most commonly found, you can expect to see fox, badger, coyote, wolf and yes, even the occasional bear.


There are many key areas to visit if you are looking to find nature: Harmony Woods Memorial Forest, Peshtigo Harbor Wildlife Area, City of Marinette Nature Walk, Seagull Bar Natural Area, Menekaunee Walkway, Henes Park in Menominee, Peshtigo River State Forest, Governor Thompson State Park, as well as any of the Marinette County Parks.

If educational information is what you're looking for, visit the Thunder River Rearing Station, the Chappee Rapids Learning Center, Peshtigo River Trail (waterway), or Harmony Arboretum. At these locations, you can learn about the nature found in Marinette County and its' history.